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Eagle Ball Point Pens are 100% made in the USA and they will leave a Genuine Impression

If you want to leave a genuine impression, then the Eagle Ball Point Pen was designed for a genuine person like yourself. Each pen is made in the USA. The fitting are hand polished then brushed to a beautiful matt tone finish. The body is made out of some of the world’s finest exotic wood and polished to high-sheen perfection. You can choose from over sixty exotic woods from Australia, Africa, Asia or even the frontier forests of the United States.

The Ball Point pen components are hand machined in the USA from solid surgical quality stainless steel rods and there is no plating on the parts which means that the finish will not wear off over time. The stunning beauties of the Eagle Ball Point pen will leave a genuine impression that will last for years. The Ball Point pen features a German made Schmidt easyFLOW refill, a masculine cap that is flat on top with smooth acting twist mechanism that extends and retracts the refill.

The Eagle Ball Point Pen not only is a great looking pen, it is the most durable medium weight Ball Point writing instrument we offer.The Schmidt easyFLOW refill is a top of the line refill, the fitting and body are made from the most durable high quality parts available and the look is stunning. It is designed for everyday use and it is available with either a black or blue color ink.

The Eagle Ball Point Pen accepts the universal standard Parker style refill. This means you have many refill options such as the Schmidt easyFLOW refills and also Private Reserve P900 or Schmidt P900 refills which is available in both Fine and Medium tip and black, blue, red and green colors or you can use one of our many Private Reserve P900 in rainbow color refills. When you choose the color ink refill you want in your ink pen, you can also purchase additional refills to make sure you don’t run out.

If you’d like to personalize your Ball Point pen for yourself or as a gift, you can also have your pen engraved, in addition to a Rosewood gift box.