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Mercury Stylus Promotional Roller Ball Pens: Modern Technology

Transition From Paper To Touchscreen Seamlessly!

Transition from paper to touchscreen seamlessly by using our stylish Mercury Rollerball Stylus Pens! We love combining two individual products into one to get more features into a single product.

Pens are an everyday item that we rely on almost as much as our smartphones, whether in the office or at school, stay stylish at work with this stunning promotional Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pen from Lanier.

Our Promotional Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pens, also known as touchscreen pens, are the ideal combination of functionality and design. Stylus pens combine two practical everyday items: a writing instrument and a stylus or touchscreen pen for your smartphone and tablet.

Style & Craftsmanship

The Promotional Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pens look very impressive with their sleek design and high-quality craftsmanship. It has an aluminium construction body with chrome colored accent and fittings. The front section of the rollerball pen also unscrews for easy access to the refill inside. Removable designer cap that snaps on to the front of the pen and can be placed on the back of the pen. It also comes with a durable conductive fiber capacitive stylus on the end of the rollerball pen which works with devices with touchscreens. It not only looks and feels great in your hand but you also have the option to Choose from an assortment of barrel colors.

Available in 6 different colors Aqua, Silver, Pearl White, Gunmetal, Fuchsia and Purple with combination of crystal beads.

Experience & Distinction

The Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pen offers a beautiful and smooth writing experience that is both comfortable and easy to use. It's a reliable pen that distributes ink effortlessly across the page because of its liquid-based ink. It has the feel of a fountain pen with the consistency of a ballpoint. An ergonomic grip makes the pen surprisingly agile and comfortable.

The Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pen has a stylus on one end for use your touchscreen devices and a traditional roller ball pen on the other. It's perfect for when you're on the go and need to switch between jotting down notes and operating your device.


The Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pen uses Schmidt 888 ceramic rollerball refills. The Schmidt 888 refill is the perfect refill. They are available in various colors like Black, Blue, Red and Green.

These Schmidt 888 refills can be easily replaced when they run out of ink. You just have to unscrew the front cap of the pen, pull out the refill and replace the refill inside and screw it again into place.


Buying promotional stylus pens for employees, customers and clients will help you get your logo and branding in front of thousands of new customers. Not only do they make a practical business gift but also a great gift for family and friends.

The personalized Mercury Stylus Rollerball Pen demonstrates appreciation and gratitude for someone you care about.A wonderfully elegant and functional gift. All in all, this pen is sure to be a memorable gift.

Lazer Engraved Servives

Choose our lazer engraving services imprinted on your pens to create an excellent promotional product that is suitable for many occasions. We can engrave just about anything on the pen from a logo, name, a date and even a small message. Further, adding this special touch to one of our gift boxes is also an excellent idea and it will definitely make the gift much more appreciated.

You can Engrave up to 2 lines of text & choose any 1 font from the following options:-

  1. Arial
  2. Monotype Corsiva (a script font)

The recipients are sure to appreciate Promotional Mercury Rollerball Pens with stylus for a long time. Promotional Mercury Rollerball stylus pens are not overly expensive and can be bought in bulk, which makes them great for giving out at events, gifting new employees or being used as part of an online incentive.