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Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen: For Engineering Geeks

A Handy Ink Ball Pen With The Tools You Need..

The Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen is cleverly designed ink ball pen from Monteverde includes nine useful tools in one premium writing instrument ! Perfect for the master builder, architect, interior designer or anyone who values precision.

Style & Craftsmanship

In a fast paced world, having the right tools at hand is crucial, and The Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen brings 9 tools in one premium quality writing instrument! For those who like the freedom to use their favorite ink cartridge but like the convenience of a roller pen, the Inkball is the perfect pen!

The heavyweight Soft–Roll ballpoint pen includes on its 6 faces a ruler, 3 different scale functions, and a level. On the other end is an ultra sensitive stylus pen tip, which unscrews to reveal a removable double–ended Phillips and Flathead mini screwdriver. Topped off with a secure spring clip, you can now safely and conveniently transport all of these tools in one stylish pen in your pocket.

Experience & Distinction

The Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen is a pretty unique ballpoint pen which Monteverde has come up with. It integrates multiple tools into one product.

The Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen, as you might have guessed, a multi-functional pen with a couple of tool elements. First off we have the bubble level on the pen which allows you to see if your surface is level or not. It also comes with a multi-scale ruler on the pen. Then we have a four inch ruler. We also have three different metric scales around the pen. It has a chrome clip here on the pen.

The next tool on the pen is the stylus. It is a touch screen stylus which allows you to use the pen on any kind of a touch screen whether it is an iPad, an iPhone or a phone, e-readers, any kind of tablet or whatever touch screen you have. You can unscrew the stylus off the top. Underneath the stylus we have a screwdriver. That can also be reversed so you have a philips screwdriver on the other end. You can replace the stylus back on the top. On the other end of the pen is the Inkball pen. It has a cap that unscrews from the pen.


Monteverde Stylus Inkball Tool Pen fill with Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges(included). To replace the refill or add ink to the pen you simply pull the tip section from the barrel when the cap is in place. It is just a compression fit. Included with the pen is one ink cartridge inside of the barrel of the pen. You simply insert that ink cartridge by pressing it into the tip section of the pen. You then insert that tip section back into the pen to use it.

Available in Black, Blue, Red and Green ink


A great gift idea! It's an excellent gift for the builder, engineer, or designer in your life. It comes with Monteverde's lifetime guarantee.

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