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Schmidt P8126 Capless Rollerball - Black Ink

Schmidt P8126 Short Capless Rollerball - Black Ink


Pen Refills - Retro 1951 Pen Refills

Writing Instruments Technology at Its Best

For more than half a century SCHMIDT® Technology has been developing and producing highly sophisticated solutions for major brands of writing instruments all over the world. Today, Lanier Pens offers you many ball point pen refills and rollerball pen refills made by Schmidt® directly from their factory is Germany.

Types of Pen Refills

Perhaps the most widely-used pen refills are Schmidt® pen refills. The two main types of Schmidt® pen refills we offer are for Roller Ball pens and Ball Point pens. Different types of pen refills are available for different writer's needs. Some examples are listed below.

The SCHMIDT® Capless System

The Schmidt® Capless System is an innovative system for smooth and elegant writing. This system combines the individual writing characteristics of a Fountain Pen with the convenience of a Ball Pen. You don't need a protection cap for this anymore. While the ink is drying quickly on the paper, it does not do so within the refill itself - for more than one year.

Capless System refills offered by Lanier Pens include the Schmidt 8126, Schmidt P8126 and the Schmidt SuperBowl P8900 in both Black and Blue ink.

The SCHMIDT® MegaLine Pressurized Refills

The Schmidt® gas pressurized technique turns everything upside down! This highly sophisticated writing module is based on excess pressure inside the refill. This enables not only writing upside down or under most extreme environmental conditions, but also writing with highest speeds.

The Schmidt® MegaLine system allows you to write and to draw in any possible situation without any problems – this is really the non plus ultra in terms of refill technology.

Schmidt® MegaLine refills offered by Lanier Pens include the Schmidt P 950 designed to fit all Parker® style pens and the Schmidt 4889 that works with all Fisher® Space Pens, Diplomat Spacetech Pens and many plotter machines.

SCHMIDT® Liquid Ink Refills

Liquid Ink Refills offer great performance and easy handling. This convenience is owned to an easy and smooth gliding over the paper. Liquid Ink Refill with plastic tube is an affordable alternative and has proved their quality in millions of pens worldwide. They are equipped with an end plug in their individual writing color and a protection cap in the color of the writing system.

SCHMIDT® Safety Refills

Safety Refills avoid drying up by means of a sophisticated ventilation system and are designed for use in writing instruments without perfect sealing caps.

Safety Refills offered by Lanier Pens include the Schmidt 5888, Schmidt 888 and the Schmidt 5285 Extra Fine refill.

SCHMIDT® Rollingball Refills

Schmidt RollingBall refills and Schmidt 6040 FineLiner Fiber Refills featuring a capillary reservoir for the use in writing instruments with perfect sealing caps are standard refills for most high-end major branded rollerball pens.


The Schmidt easyFLOW9000 combines the advantages of the well-known ball point refill with those of a rollerball refill creating a completely new writing instrument. The ink flow starts instantly even after a longer pause of writing. Easily, as never seen before, you get a writing that is regular, strong, precise and clean. The Schmidt easyFLOW9000 is a premium writing system and is available in the large capacity refill size G2 in both Black and Blue ink.