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Engraving - Engraved Pens

The only thing better than having a world class Pen, is having one that is engraved making it personal and more importantly truly yours! As people strive to be more and more different from the others around them the search for customisation and the need for products that reflects one’s character is increasing. We understand this need at Lanier and therefore all of our pens are completely customised.

Mark a Special Event / Occasion

Gifting someone an engraved pen that is completely customised will create a fonder memory of the occasion itself. We can engrave just about anything on the pen from a name, a date and even a small message. Adding this special touch is an excellent idea and it will definitely make the gift much more appreciated.

No Compromise on Quality

Not only are our wood pens of the highest quality, they are also engraved with the highest level of skill and craftsmanship. We ensure that all of our carving is nothing short of absolutely perfect. Engraving is not only done on our pens and pencil, we can also have it done on our gift boxes, glass lids and metal plates. Our pens definitely make a strong statement, however our pens that are engraved make an even stronger one.

A keepsake for a lifetime and more

Certain gifts are worthy of keeping for a lifetime and even becoming a family heirloom. Our handcrafted pens are one such gift. Therefore when you buy one for yourself or for someone else you should keep in mind that it is probably something that you will want to pass on to your children. Engraving these pens makes them all the more special. If you are gifting it, it marks the date and the occasion, making the pen all the more valuable several years or generations later.