Since 2005, Lanier Pens has been making elegant and durable customized pens from exotic woods, and every effort is made to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain itself. Luxurious and smooth, our pens are warm to the touch and polished to perfection. These pens are hand turned very carefully and one-at-a-time on special lathes by our trained artisans to ensure that our exacting standards of quality and beauty are consistently met.

Quality Control

We personally analyze and inspect every one of our custom pens after their manufacture is complete. Our quality control department closely inspects different aspects of the writing instrument for functionality and elegance, such as the clicking mechanism, twist mechanism, the nib, ink cartridge, quality of the craftsmanship on wood, and fitting of hardware components. All necessary adjustments are then made in order to ensure that the customer always receives a pen of the highest quality.

Schmidt Refills Simply The Best

For more than 75 years SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing highly sophisticated solutions for major brands of writing instruments all over the world.

Types of Schmidt Pen Refills Available

  • Schmidt Capless System
  • Schmidt MegaLine Pressurized Refills
  • Schmidt Liquid Ink Refills
  • Schmidt Safety Refills
  • Schmidt Rolling ball Refills
  • Schmidt easyFLOW9000

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Upright Pen Stands

Looking for a unique way to display your favorite pens? You are in the right place! Lanier Pens offers the most exquisite upright pen displays and pen stands to fit a broad range of Fountain Pens, Ball Point Pens and Roller ball Pens.

Our customers value and cherish each and every one of their writing instruments and a display stand made in the USA out of beautiful exotic woods is the best option to not only show case your collection but to also extend the life of our favorite fountain pens. It is common knowledge that fountain pens contain liquid ink and if the ink is left to dry inside the feeder of fountain pen nib the flow of ink to the paper will be interrupted and will sometime cause a blockage and the pen will not write.

The best solution to prevent this is to not lay your fountain pen down on a flat surface. Instead, display your pen collection proudly on a custom made Lanier Upright Pen Stand which will allow gravity to drain the ink out of the nib and feeder and back into the body of the pen where it belongs.

Our Pledge

At Lanier Pens, we are devoted to provide you the finest writing instruments and accessories available anywhere. We promise to respect all customer feedback, which we realize is one of the most valuable tools in any business model. Striving for a relationship of mutual trust and respect, we at Lanier are committed to serving our customers as well as we can at all times. Indeed, our commitment to creating customized, hand-crafted writing instruments at an affordable price has placed us above all our competitors.

So if you are looking for an artistic touch to your words or a stellar gift for a particularly important client, Lanier Pens can assure you a level of unmatched style in either case !