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Plating Options For Your Lanier Wood Pen

When you decide to create your own Lanier wood pen, you’ll want it to be perfect. Not only can you pick the right wood for your pen, but you can choose the right plating option to give your pen an even more personalized look.

A Plating option not only will give your wood pen that added touch, but it also will make your pen more durable. You can choose from five different plating options from 24kt Gold to Rhodium plating for your Lanier wood pen including:

24kt GOLD (24G)
24k Gold
If you want a rich look for your pen, then choose 24kt gold. The plating is covered with an epoxy coating making sure it stays beautiful for as long as you own the pen, and also making it durable for many years of use.
Brushed Satin
If you can’t figure out what plating is the perfect match for your chosen wood, then choose the brushed satin, white metal plating. Not only does the low luster brushed satin give your pen a subtle but elegant look, but it also compliments most of the exotic hardwoods.
If you want a striking and elegant touch to your wood pen, then choose black enamel. Its low-luster, baked enamel coating makes it durable, while providing an understated elegance to any of the hardwoods.
If you don’t want to spend as much for 24kt Gold plating, but want the look and durability, then select titanium nitride. All TN pen and pencils are stamped with “TN” on the clip for authentication.
If you’d like a more brilliant plating option, then choose Rhodium plating which is a valuable precious metal from the Platinum chemical group. Its hardness, and exquisite beauty has made Rhodium a favorite in fine pens.