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Private Reserve Inks For Those Who Love Fountain Pens

So, you now own a Lanier's Fountain Pen and you love the writing effect it produces. But what about the ink refills? Fountain Pen Ink refills are easy to obtain through Lanier's and we make sure we have the best for our customers. Whether you like to write in the contemporary style or writing on the go we have the perfect inks to choose from.

Traveling and Fountain Pen Inks
We all live very busy lives and this holds true even if you own a Lanier's Fountain Pen. Having to travel for business and even pleasure can make one wonder how they will be able to write with their beautiful fountain pen. Lanier's has already thought of the solution! We carry Private Reserve Fountain Pen Cartridges. If your fountain pen runs low just take out one of your cartridges and snap a new one in. It is so quick and simple and no time is wasted. If you write with your left hand and not the right then there is a solution for you too. The smudges you tend to get can be eliminated with our ultra fast drying inks. This is also great ink if you have a writing task that you want the ink to dry very fast on.

Being Traditional
Of course there are still those individuals that want to use the traditional bottle inks. Here at Lanier's we have the fountain pen inks that will suit every type of writer. Just as there is a unique and perfect fountain pen for everyone there is also the perfect ink. Whatever your method of using the best fountain pen ink is then we are able to help you continue enjoying that one of a kind fully customized Lanier Fountain Pen.

About New Private Reserve Ink Collection

Private Reserve ink collections are available in variety of rich and vibrant colors with cutting edge ink technologies. The Inks are created as go-to tools for a wide range of projects. This variety of inks is also available in ink cartridges, whether itís from our carefully selected pre-filled assortment or empty refillable cartridges and accessories in the new Essentials collection. Explore fifty six (56) high-quality inks with supreme color saturation, strong pigmentation, excellent shading and smooth non-clogging flow. A newly designed, luxury ink bottle with 60ml/2.03 fluid ounces, features a broad opening for easy fountain pen filling. International size ink cartridges are offered in a smart package of twelve (12) units and in thirty seven (37) brilliant colors. The Essentials Collection includes Polishing Cloth, Empty Cartridges in two sizes and Syringes for easy filling on the go.

Introducing New Colors:

  • The Infinity ∞ Inks feature extended cap-off time to previously unimagined lengths.
  • Fast Dry inks for left-handers and fast paced tasks.
  • Invincible Inks for documentation.
  • Premium Inks
  • Pearlescent Inks
  • Neon Inks
New Private Reserve Ink Collection - Invincible

The Private Reserve premium fountain pen ink Invincible collection offers rich and vibrant, first class European grade ink colors with excellent hues and shades that will transform your writing experience. Superior technology improves ink flow and lubricates your fountain pen feeding system. This exceptional collection is perfect for writers and artists as it offers a wide range of high quality colors that will make any project or artwork stand out. These premium inks are available in a new elegant 60 ml ink bottle as well as ink cartridges. Enhance your work with a rainbow of Premium ink colors.


  • Archival/documental
  • Permanent
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Non erasable
  • Pigmented Ink

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Private Reserve Ink Bottle 60ml - Invincible Ink Permanent Black (PR17037) Private Reserve Ink Bottle 60ml - Invincible Ink Permanent Blue (PR17038)

Private Reserve Ink Bottle - Permanent Black
Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 60ml

Private Reserve Ink Bottle - Permanent Blue
Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 60ml


New Private Reserve Ink - Invincible