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Our leather is known in the industry as the Italian vegetal tanned leather and received from the Bologna area in Italy. Vegetal tanning is an eco-friendly leather tanning procedure were no chemical or led based dyes used in the production of making the hides which are primarily made out of cowhide.
The oils used in the production of making the leather is extracted from the oak trees and applied onto the leather on each skin individually by hand using a sponge, resulting in scratch-resistant, supple, and sturdy leathers.
The veg-tanned leathers are known as aniline type of leather which means that there are no prints or embossing applications on the surface of the leather proving its superior quality regarding the selection of the hides.
We make sure that every step of the manufacturing process is done with the utmost excellence of quality, including the interior components. Sewing is done by using nylon #69 threads known for its sturdiness and strength guaranteeing the integrity of the product over the years.
Manufactured in the USA. These veg-tanned leathers are eco-friendly and products made with veg-tanned leathers age beautifully as the product is used over the years and looks much better.