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Pen Refills

Finest Ink Pen Refills Ensure Smooth Writing

The Lanier rollerball pen is not only popular because of the way it looks and the fact that a completely customised pen is truly unique. It also has to do with what is inside the pen that makes it perform the way that it does. Our rollerball pen refill is one of unmatched class and quality, ensuring that once you have written with it, no other refill will ever do.

Our Inventory Always has Stock

While we do say that our pens last forever, we cannot really say the same about our pen refill. They are bound to get over sooner or later depending on how much you use the pen. When this does happen you donít need to worry about where you can find another refill just like it. All you really need to do is log on to our online store and you will find an identical refill in our inventory. Any kind of refill that your pen originally comes with is available with us so that you never have to be inconvenienced.

Refills for Our Roller Balls

All of our roller ball pens use Schmidt pen refills. These refills have a ceramic tip and a metal body. The ceramic tip ensures smooth and hassle free writing. The Schmidt refill comes in three different styles. You can buy one for our roller ball, the Cross style and the Parker style roller ball. Whatever style you pen might be there will be a refill available with us.

Ink Pen Refills for All Styles of Pens

While we offer you different styles of pens like Cross and Parker etc, we also have specific refills that match specific styles. We also make sure that our customers are never inconvenienced and therefore if you need to order and ink pen refill from us, the process is quick and very easy.

We offer the largest online select of pen refills from Schmidt, Monteverde and Private Reserve Ink.  With a selection of more than 80 different refills we hope to have the refill that fits your writing instruments.  Weather your pens is a handcraft wood pen from Lanier Pens or another well know brand we strive to meet all of your refill needs.  While our Schmidt refills are available in regular Black and Blue ink, Private Reserve Inks refill are available in many popular colours and our Monteverde range includes gel inks too. The Monteverde line of refills is ideal for Mont Blanc, Sheaffer, Waterman and Cross pens. 

The Capless System from Schmidt

Our capless pen refills from Schmidt are truly unique. This system is designed to give you, the user writing that is elegant and smooth. The very basic advantage of our capless ink pen refill is the fact that it gives you the characteristics of writing with a fountain pen while using a roller ball. The beauty of this ink system is the fact that while it is quick drying on paper, it does not really need a cap to protect it as the ink inside the body does not dry easily.  We offer both the Schmidt 8126 Capless refill and the Schmidt P8126 Short Capless refill.

MegaLine Pressurised Ink Pen Refills

Another very innovative ink pen refill that you will find in our inventory is the Schmidt MegaLine pressurised refill. This refill is designed to write under even the most extreme of climatic and environment conditions without effecting factors like the speed of writing. The basic technology that is used inside these pen refills is extra pressure. The Schmidt MegaLine refills that are available with us are the P950 that can be used with all Parker pens and the 4889 that can be used with all Fisher Space Pens and many other pens.

Roller Ball Refills

We also offer a fine range of roller ball pen refills from Schmidt, Private Reserve Ink and Monteverde. There three brands offer signature refills for 98% of all pens on the market including all of the pens that we offer. The roller ball technology in the ink pen refill is designed to offer comfortable and smooth writing. The refills use parts of the highest quality. The tubes are brass with nickel plating and the tips are Swiss. We also have a ceramic tip variation from Monteverde and if youíre looking for great colours view our Private Reserve Ink selection.

Safety Pen Refills

Once again we bring you a truly innovative ink pen refill from Schmidt. The safety refill gets its name from the fact that they are designed to keep them from drying up. The most popular safety pen refills are the Schmidt 888 and the Schmidt 5888. The Schmidt safety pen refills that we stock are designed with a sophisticated system of ventilation. This prevents the ink from drying up within the tube. Safety refills are the perfect choice for pens that do not have a cap that fits perfectly. Needless to say they do not compromise on the quality of writing.

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