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CRKT Tactical Pens - Confidence In Your Hands

CRKT® (Columbia River Knife and Tool®) was founded in 1994. From day one, they have put innovation and integrity first. They made a commitment to build pens and tools that would inspire and endure. We at Lanier Pens are very happy to collaborate with the best designers in the world and operate on a simple principle: that the greatest thing we can give our customers is Confidence in Hand®.

To everyone else they're stylish writing instruments designed with all of the fine qualities you would expect in a nice pen, but to you they're more than that. Former Army officer and martial arts instructor, James Williams applied his design expertise to the Williams defense pen. For those of you familiar with the Hissatsu™ and the Hisshou™, this new James Williams design is sure to be a welcome addition to your defensive edged tools.

A clean, futuristic interpretation of one of mankind's basic tools, the defense pen is a high-tech writing instrument that can be used as a self-defense enforcer if need be. Made from precision-machined aluminum and hard-coat color anodized, they offer long-lasting durability and toughness. Available in non-reflective black finish. The tapered body improves grip while adding a contemporary look.

With some basic instruction or knowledge, one can readily use the pens against an assailant or attacker to inflict notice, pain, or injury—thwarting an otherwise potentially defenseless act.

And, they're just plain great writing instruments as well.vailable in black, blue and many other ink formulations.

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CRKT Techliner Pen - Tactic Pen CRKT William Defense Pen - Tactic Pen CRKT William Defense Pen II - Tactic Pen
CRKT Techliner
Our Price: $59.00
CRKT William Defense Pen
Our Price: $74.99
Techliner William Defense Pen William Defense Pen II