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Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Jim,

We received the pen last evening and it is beautiful. Definitely worth the wait. And thank you so much for including the gift box.

That was very nice of you. We took the pen and some of my peanut brittle in to my husband's surgeon this morning and he was very pleased. I appreciate all your help with the order.

- Sylvia Meals

Friday, February 28, 2014


I just wanted to thank you - the Majestic Rollerball I received was some of the finest craftsmanship I have ever seen in a writing instrument.
Hardly ever does a product match its catalog picture, however the pen I received far surpassed the picture in you catalog.
I will most definitely be back for more and have shared your website with my business partner so he can buy his own rather than try to borrow mine.
Thank you!!

- Jack

February 4, 2014

Hi Jim

I've purchased my Schmidt fiber tip refills 6040 in the past and I can't find a better price elsewhere. Pleased with my purchase experience before so I'm back again! Thanks!

Chad M

February 3, 2014

Dear Jim,

I finally received today my order and I really appreciate the complimentary punch you sent me.
This attention touches me greatly and confirms me that I was right to trust your business.
Things like this happens sometimes and you responded very well to the matter.
So thanks again and I will enjoy my pouches that are of the quality I expected.
They are beautiful!!!!

Yours truly,

Pascal G

January 27, 2014

Hi Jim

Just received them. Absolutely beautiful, and they write great. Very Happy!!


January 25, 2014

Jim !

I want to thank you and Annie for the pen and pencil set. My wife loves them. Also the complementary items are also very much appreciated. As you know Jeremy, my son and business partner, also bought some pens as clients gifts over this last Christmas holiday. They were very much appreciated by our clients. We will be back again you can be sure.

Best regards,

Jerry S

January 13, 2014

Thank you so much for all of your help. My sister LOVES the pen we got for her. I've recommended your site to several friends already.


Jim I received the pen today!!!!! WOW:) its just fabulous!! I can't wait to give it to Bud. He is going to be so impressed and so get the "wood thing". Annie is a doll.


Monday, August 12th, 2013

Just received the pen – I love it!! Thanks so much.


Mon, May 20, 2013

I am very pleased with it and I will use it every day for my journals I write. Well worth waiting for!

Richard N

Fri, May 17, 2013

We received the Cigar Twist pen and it is gorgeous! I am sure it will make a new college graduate VERY happy. Thank you,

Mary G

Thu, March 28, 2013

Dear Annie,

Thank you for the beautiful pen for my son, for your suggestions, and for the overall great customer service. The pen fits my son's large hands very comfortably. He loves it. I'll soon be ordering another pen for a different son!

April S

Wed, Mar 27, 2013

I am writing this on behalf of all Lawyers Title branches located in the Southern California area. I would like to recommend the services of Lanier Pens. We recently used Lanier Pens to create custom, rosewood gift boxes that were engraved. Not only were they the best price around, but the quality of the engraving was impeccable and exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone from management to those that received a box were completely satisfied and overwhelmed at how beautiful they were. The attention to detail in the engraving was tremendously valuable on this project.

The order that we placed was large in quantity and needed in a timely manner. The customer service was quick to respond and understand our objective and priority in this critical time. They made quality contributions to the configuration and design of our custom boxes so that we could receive them before our 'due date.'

Again, I would like to express my sincerest thanks for the success of this order, the quality of work, and the customer care we received. I recommend Lanier Pens to all without reservation.

Emily A

Mon, Mar 25, 2013

Hello Jim!

Thank you very much for sending us the refill for my wife's pen. It arrived yesterday and works perfectly, and has made Susan very pleased, as this is her favorite pen.


Wed, March 20, 2013

Hi Jim,

I just want to let you know, everything with my order came out perfect. I understand that quality cannot be rushed and when I saw the pen I ordered, I knew there was no way you would want to rush on a product of its quality. I have to say that whenever I plan on order a pen for myself, I will definitely look to you. I would also like to comment on the customer service, which I found outstanding. It's rare to find a group so interested in making sure everything turns out for the best for both parties involved. My wife loves the gift (our first anniversary) and send her complements as well. Thank you again for everything and I hope to get in touch with you in the future.

Best regards,
Chris N

Hi Jim,
The pens have arrived!
STUNNING works of art!
Thank you so much….simply can't wait to present these tomorrow afternoon!

Jeff P

Jim and Annie-

Thank you so much for the pen and excellent service. I really like the look of the pen, the gunmetal plating and the cap which screws on to each end of the pen. No problems with the nib – I seem to get a good even ink flow.
I will be in touch this summer for another pen. I will be looking for something to use in the court room – preferably dark in color (maybe black?). If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.

Great job on the pen and thank you for the excellent service.


Thu, January 24, 2013

Hi Jim,

I am interested for myself the following pen;

In a Art Deco Roller Ball with a medium black nib-Amboyna Burl & Beeswing Narra with Turquoise and South West Inlay

You show it only in a Baron Fountian Pen for $395 in the color-Amboyna Burl & Beeswing Narra with Turquoise and South West Inlay

Can you make it, how much, and of course how soon?

I am also thinking about placing an order for 3-4 of your classic rollerball pens for gifts to referrals of mine.

Thanks and please thank Annie for taking such good care of my girlfriend. The pen is absolutely beautiful.

Jamie D

Hi Jim

Thanks for all your help with the ordering of this pen and all my shipping questions.
I did receive the pen today. Your company is awesome to deal with.


Brenda M

Thanks Jim and Annie,

the pen and pencils look great. You did a wonderful job on them! Have a great New



Jim, the pen was gorgeous!!! Gary loved it!

Thank you so much for your (always) wonderful work.

Meg H

My wife fell all over herself when she opened her Lanier pen on Christmas morn.

Many Thanks !

GR Lassiter

Thu, Mar 7, 2013

Hello Jim,

Love the Private Reserve Ink and Delta refills from you. Do you provide refills that fit Mont Blanc pens? (Rollerball)

Thank you !
Diana D

Thu, Jan 17, 2013

Dear Jim

May I thank you for the care and attention with which you have packed my purchases.
I confirm perfect receipt of the box and pen and of course of the complimentary Cartridges and convertor for which I thank you.

Many Thanks


Sat, Jan 12, 2013

Jim Lanier:

I found the refills, found your card which you gave me when I bought the pens, and I have the refills!

Thanks Great pens !

Barbara N

Fri, Jan 11, 2013

Hi Jim and Annie,

The pens have arrived (about 10:30 this morning). Thank you for getting these done so quickly -- they look beautiful!!

Now, I hope you can get some sleep over the weekend!

Best regards,


Sun, Sep 30, 2012

Hello Jim. Just wanted to let you and Annie know that I received the pen at noon today and I cold not be happier. Not only is the pen beautiful but your customer service is amazing. Thanks again for all the effort in getting this pulled together for me this week. All the best !

Joseph P

Sun, Dec 30, 2012

Hi Jim

Thanks for the follow up. Everything arrived In great order the pens look really good and so were the boxes thanks so much. We were to deliver most of them before Christmas there are few that we will deliver next year. The check should be arriving soon. Also I wanted to ask you if you could save the logo stuff I will be ordering two other pens for us me and my husband and partner perhaps in a few weeks.

Thanks again for your hard work nice pens and boxes.

Happy new year!!!


Hi Jim,

I just wanted to say that I received my pens today and I am amazed at the craftsmanship that went into making them and also the quality of the cocobolo wood. Absolutely stunning, there are no words to describe the beauty of these pens as well as the others that are on your web site.

Thank you and I will definitely be ordering more pens from you in the near future. I also hope to see you again at the next event that you will be attending.

Joaquin A

We were pleased to send our special clients Lanier Pens. The craftsmanship was excellent and sent a message that we're a first class firm to those who received them. We've had several clients mention how much they've enjoyed their pen almost a year after they were delivered. That's the kind of memorable marketing that works!

Kim S

Every year for the last 15 years we have sent our clients a year end gift as a token of our appreciation. These gifts have varied from paper weights to letter openers to clocks. Last year for the first time we used Lanier Pens that put together a two pen set in a customized rosewood laser engraved box.

The gift was beautiful and frankly looked to be a gift of much more expense than what Lanier Pens charged us. The feedback we received on the pens was the best we have ever had in my 15 years. People just loved them and I believe it is a testament to the quality of craftsmen ship and the fact that while pens are ubiquitous the Lanier Pens are truly unique.

Bernard L

Jim Lanier and Lanier Pens have been an incredible resource for that little dash of pizzazz our clients love with their custom presentation kits. Pens are custom made to match our creative needs and are always of the highest quality.

Plus, the cost is always up front and within budget, and delivery is right on time. When the pens arrive, it's a bit like Christmas – each pen is unique in its striations and grain, and absolutely GORGEOUS to look at and write with!

Sandra C

From the small town of Montara just outside the charm of historic Half Moon Bay, California comes a premier company called Lanier Pens.

The innovative designs and quality craftsmanship have been a rewarding result for our Patent Law firm sharing it with our clients around the world.


"Each customer I presented a Lanier Pen to was very impressed with the quality of the writing instrument" "I ran out of Lanier Pens way to early and had to re-order pens to present to my customers for Xmas gifts"."The Laser engraved storage box was incredible"

"I plan on ordering Lanier Pens for many years into the future"

Dave C

I discovered Lanier Pens from the Firm I am employed with. Our Company purchases Lanier Pens for our seasonal gifts for clients and for employee awards, special anniversary or achievements. I personally purchased several different types but my favorite is the Koa comfort twist pen. I have had it for two years and find the more I use it the more these amazing colors come out. The metal on the pen has a gold finish and the color has never worn or tarnished and I use my pen several times a day.

I went to an office supply store to purchase the refills (you can also purchase from Lanier Pens) and the person who serviced the department indicated my pen had better "architecture" and "construction" that would last a lifetime and also my pen was much better quality than their "High End" products.

My brother holds a Legal position with the Government and proudly displays his on his desk and always looks forward to his next pen for the next Christmas. I have given people pens or a set as gifts that live from New York to Hawaii and every owner is extremely overwhelmed by not only the look but the construction and quality. Perfection is the requirement with Lanier Pens!

Michele R.

I am very pleased with my new Classic Elite Rollerball Pen. The writing is extremely smooth and the Redwood lace Burl wood which I chose for my pen makes it more than just a fine writing instrument, it's a work of Art!

Thank you again for helping me to rediscover classic pens again.

Bill G

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